Re: Did Darth Sidious create Anakin?

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Nobody is saying ignore that book or any other book (other than the
'parrallel universe' stories), but nowhere in that quote does it
actually say Sidious or Plagueis created Anakin, or that they even
could. Plagueis could easily be lying to Sidious, and / or Sidious
could easily be lying to Anakin. The Sith lie to get what they want -
that's a fact. All that quote provides is another vague hint from
another known liar.

There is NO actual proof (yet) that Anakin was created by either Sith

What does "actual proof" mean?

Something not based on a vague hint from known liars.

Plagueis conceived an experiment to create life by manipulating

All you've got are two vague ideas spoken by Sidious and Plagueis - two
people that are known lie to get what they want.

A few years later, the Jedi find a kid with the highest
ever midichlorian count. The boy's mother doesn't remember a father or
anything about her pregnancy. Coincidence?

If you excise all references to the midichlorians, the prequal trilogy
doesn't suffer any damage to its internal logic. You'd just have to
have Qui-Gon have a "sense" that Anakin was a special force talent to
explain his bringing him back to the Jedi on Coruscant. Otherwise, you
can tell much the same story - except that you won't have a way of
explaining how the Sith created Anakin.

Again, there's NO proof that the Sith created Anakin. Just two people
known to lie who SAY they can create life. Since you can't trust what
they say, that makes ALMOST as far away from proof as you can get.