Re: Did Darth Sidious create Anakin?

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Yes, I was in that thread as well, but nothing was brought up it that was
anymore than speculation or an attempt by some to make the story fit.
Wars insider put it best (my wording): Palpatine certainly seems to be
hinting that the Sith were behind Anakins creation, but it should be
that many things he says are a lie.


"Vader: The Ultimate Guide" says it more clearly:

"Plagueis revealed to Sidious an experiment he'd conceived to create
life directly from the midi-chlorians found in one's blood, potentially
yielding a being of astounding power. Comprehending that any such being
would amount to Sidious' replacement, the Sith apprentice murdered his

You love to bring up "Vader: The Ultimate Guide", but it is simply one story
giving a possible story line in the vast Star Wars universe.

In various articles written, when the topic is brought up Star Wars insiders
all say, only Lucas knows for sure and then make a very big point that much
of what Palpatine was telling Anakin that night was a lie.


So, you're saying we should ignore The Vader Guide?

If not, then I don't see the problem. It's an officially approved
source that gives information available nowhere esle. I suspect it was
written early in the film's development process, before Lucas decided
he wanted to leave the question of Anakin's parentage more open and
ambiguous than first planned. But someone forgot to check this script
for the Vader Guide and, well, now the damage is done, a t least until
someone at Lucas openly repudiates this soruce or publishes
contradictory information.