Re: Did Darth Sidious create Anakin?

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Basically, just because Palpatine said the Sith could create life, it
is NOT even remotely a guarantee that he or Plagueis actually can or
did. There's too many people taking a two second quote from a known
liar and saying "that IS the answer".

There are other reasons to suspect that Plagueis and/or Sidious created
Anakin. There's a discussion of some here:

Yes, I was in that thread as well, but nothing was brought up it that was
anymore than speculation or an attempt by some to make the story fit. Star
Wars insider put it best (my wording): Palpatine certainly seems to be
hinting that the Sith were behind Anakins creation, but it should be noted
that many things he says are a lie.

"Vader: The Ultimate Guide" says it more clearly:

"Plagueis revealed to Sidious an experiment he'd conceived to create
life directly from the midi-chlorians found in one's blood, potentially
yielding a being of astounding power. Comprehending that any such being
would amount to Sidious' replacement, the Sith apprentice murdered his

"An experiment he'd conceived" - which sounds like Plagueis never
actually tried it.

But we still only have Palpatine's word that he knows how to create
life, and only a vague hint that he or Plagueis may have created Anakin
.... both of which come from someone who is extremely good at lying to
get what he wants, which in this case is manipulating Anakin into
joining him.