Re: Max Rebo Band - before or after?

The news had come out in the First World War: The bloody Red Baron was
flying wonce more. The Allied Command ignored all of its men, and
called on "olskool" to do it again!

>I'm from the Old School kid. I'm used to sinking pints with hard-nosed
>tough guys around the globe.
>Having a few at the Mos Eilsey Cantina would not phase me.
>I personally liked the new version of the song, you're just dirty on it
>because you didn't see as much of Sy Snootles as you would have liked.

I would just like to point out that I know a kid who is only four, and
she is big into "Star Wars." Needless to say, I am the won who got her
into it. Every time she comes over, she wants to watch Star Wars with
me. Of course, she only has a limited attention span, so she is quick
to lose interest, unless she catches something that captures her

To oblige her, I go often skip to her favourite scenes, therefore, she
now frequently requests them right away. After multiple viewings with
her, I found that she really only wants to watch Episode VI. And after
multiple viewings of that, I found that she really only wants to see the
"music number" in Jabba's palace.

Now when she comes over, she usually asks to watch Star Wars, and then
adds the addendum, "but just the singing part." She is, of course,
referring to the "Special Edition" version, as that is the only version
I have to show her. I just wanted to point out that, despite the fact
that most of us agree this is the worst thing to happen to "Star Wars,"
there are some who, not only enjoy this scene, but they think it is the
best scene in the entire saga.

Wavy G.

><smontag@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Quick poll, which Max Rebo band did you enjoy better, the one in the
>> original ROTJ, or the new improved one with all the computer generated
>> graphics?
>> Personally, I didn't like the 'humour' brought in to the latter
>> version, and it really ruined it for me. A big mistake again by Lucas
>> who sold out with $$$ in his eyes.
>> On the subject, who out of the AFS readers would not survive long in
>> the bars of Tattooine?? I think guys like Franky Cross, Frenchy,
>> Olskool and Shhhh wouldn't last two seconds in the ganster-ridden bars
>> of Mos Eisley or Jabba's palace... However, the likes of me and Eh
>> would give as much as we took and be some of the toughest dudes to roam
>> Tattooine...