Re: Stupid questions from a starwars novice...

> To answer your question more specifically, my personal belief (being a
> Palpatine fan myself) is that Palpatine was sitting there waiting for the
> Jedi to arrive. He basically is THAT good.

I agree he is THAT skilled or powerful.

> Now, keep in mind that if Palpatine were to have killed off Mace that quick,
> then Anakin might not have a reason to turn to the dark side - because there
> would be no immediate danger.

I think the whole saga would have been much more interesting if
Palpatine was killed, and the Emperor was in fact Plageous who actually
didn't die, or maybe came back to life through his unique force
abilities. There could be a whole other story about Vader seeking out
Plageous to learn this power in the hope he could maybe bring Padme

I know many people would hate this scenario, and prefer that Vader was
just a bad seed.

> It is my belief that Palpatine was playing, holding back until Anakin's
> arrival.

I think so too.