This Dave in History - July 5

1983: Delores Lillehaugen reads the Happy Ramblers Homemakers Club
creed over the phone to a teary-eyed audience.

1983: The Great Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier Controversy between
stagehands Jimmy Fitzgerald and Tommy Casabona. Both machines run
throughout the show, causing headaches for the audio crew.

1988: With the writers' strike still on, Dave invites barber Jerry
Wujick on the show to shave his face. He nicks Dave below the ear.

1988: Top Ten Really Nice Things About New York in the Summer - 6.
Warm, thin air enables stray bullets to travel farther.

1994: Coast to Coast with Mujibur and Sirajul: Tonight, in the
nation's capitol, they knock on portable toilets, kiss babies, ride a
merry-go-round, pose with cardboard cutouts of the Clintons outside
Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and finally deliver their report in front
of the White House with "Sox" the cat and Connie Chung.

1994: Dave sings "It's a a damm good ham ..."

1994: In a clip from Los Angeles, Dave teaches his cat to surf.

1996: Dave invites the woman whose seat is blocked by Rob's podium to
sit with the band.

1996: Dave and Biff visit Howard Stern's radio show and give him a
Westinghouse dishwasher.

1996: Top Ten Ways Bob Dole Celebrated the Fourth of July - 1. Same as
always: kegs `n' babes.