This Dave in History - July 4

1977: One of Dave's first appearances on national television is as a
guest panelist on the syndicated "The Gong Show." Two years later,
he's guest-hosting The Tonight Show for the sixth time.

1994: Dave broadcasts his first new July 4th program since his morning
show in 1980. Tonight's lineup: Fireworks! by the Grucci brothers
outside, and a patriotic rendition of "I Love the Fourth of July" by
Richard Simmons. Calvert DeForrest comes onstage as "Barbara
Streisand" and sings "Memories."

1994: Dave takes a cue card from Tony Mendez, re-reads a joke and then
has the joke on the cue card passed around the audience.

1994: Top Ten Reasons the U.S. Is the Best Country on Earth - 1. Life,
liberty, and Oprah.

1996: Dave sends audience members to the roof of the Empire State
Building to display the U.S. flag.

1996: Top Ten Top Ten Fourth of July Movies Playing in Times Square -
2. Don't Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Thighs.

1997: Live Grucci Fireworks, some of which are actually fun to watch.
Dave: "At a meeting, almost any idea sounds feels great."

1997: For the second year in a row, Dave sends audience members from
San Francisco to the Empire State Building to display the U.S. flag.

1997: Top Ten Fourth of July Movies Shown in Times Square -
Skindependence Day.

1997: Hard to decide who's tonight's freakier guest - Manny the
Hippie, fresh from jail, or Chinese acrobat Fang Fang?