LSQG™ - Wednesday, 6/27/MMXII #3696

Late Show Quick Guide - Wednesday, 6/27/MMXII

~From New York~
"...the greatest city in the world..."
~Opening List~
Channing Tatum
Scott Pelley
The Gaslight Anthem
"And now...goes great with a pinch of nutmeg...David Letterman"
Desk Chat
2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony
TTL - Words That Can Be Mistaken For "Boo"
Channing Tatum (Panel)
Channing Tatum (Panel)
The Gaslight Anthem Live On Letterman
Exclusive Online Concert From The Ed Sullivan Theater
Can Be Streamed On Demand!
Stay Out Of My Garden!
Scott Pelley (Panel)
The Gaslight Anthem (Music)
"Nice shoes big shot"



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