LSQG™ - Monday, 6/25/MMXII #3694

Late Show Quick Guide - Monday, 6/25/MMXII

~From New York~
"...the greatest city in the world..."
~Opening List~
Emma Stone
Jimmie Walker
Diamond Rugs
"And now...with the news, traffic and weather...David Letterman"
CBS News Special Report
Rick Perry Still Sharp As A Tack
Desk Chat
TTL - Things You May Not Know About The United States Supreme Court
Emma Stone (Panel)
Uniform Numbers With Bill Scheft
Maroon 5 Live On Letterman
Exclusive Ed Sullivan Theater Concert Webcast
Live Tuesday At 8 P.M. Eastern 5 P.M. Pacific
Only At
Mel And Carl!
Jimmie Walker (Panel)
Diamond Rugs (Music)
"Drive me home Helen"



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