This Dave in History - June 26

1984: The apparition of The Panicky Guy appears in the studio
audience, then floats into the hallway. A frightened Gordon Cooper
calls, screams, and hangs up.

1985: NBC head "Grant Tinker" interviews employees in the NBC

1985: Paul promotes two books on Dave, "Things Dave Said" and "More

1986: Dave goes saltwater fishing with Paul and Chris Elliott in a
remote titled "Dave's Rod and Reel."

1987: Dave makes a ceramic monkey for Tom Brokaw.

1990: Dave's mom gives a "vacation review" from her Comfort Inn in

1990: Top Ten Good Things About Being a Really, Really Dumb Guy - 9.
Pleasant sense of relief when Road Runner gets away from Coyote.

1991: Top Ten Other Things Rhat Will Add Four Months to Your Life - 5.
Being able to outrun the LAPD.

1992: Top Ten Experiments on the Shuttle Shuttle Columbia - 3. Is
Ebert visible from orbit?

1995: Stanley Cup winners New Jersey Devils bring the Top Ten card
(located inside the Cup) to Dave.

1995: Top Ten Ways to Make Hockey More Exciting - 8. All penalty
minutes must be served sitting next to that guy who played "Doc" on
"The Love Boat."
3. Every team roster must include one lesser known cast member from
"The Love Boat." These two items anger audience member Bernie Kopell
(Love Boat's "Doc") who storms out of the theater.

1996: Guest Jerry Van Dyke almost gives Dave a moment to say
something. Later in the show he rides his reunited mule outside.

1996: Guest Luke Perry is presented with fake sideburns.

1996: Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Psychic Advisor - 6. Predicted
Letterman would do "just fine" at Academy Awards.

1997: Dave keeps guest Brian Williams on the show as long as possible
before Brian finally rushes back to NBC to anchor the national news.

1997: Paul plays it straight, backing up violinist Gil Shaham in an
arrangement of Leonidas Kavakos's "Banjo and Fiddlesticks."

1997: Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Summer Job - 3. Your boss insists
on keeping his theater unbearably cold.