This Dave in History - June 25

1985: Chris Elliott makes his second appearance as Roger Campbell, The
Fugitive Guy, in an episode titled "Cue for Murder."

1986: In honor of the upcoming grand re-opening of the Statue of
Liberty, Nine-year-old Donna Vivino (Little Miss Liberty) sings "New
York, New York."

1991: Paul is seen in a promotional clip of "Robin Hood."

1991: Top Ten Signs John Sununu Is About To Be Fired - 4. In 1560,
Nostradamus wrote, "A fat guy with a funny name will fly free and get

1992: Late Night is interrupted by a news bulletin, reporting on a man
in Michigan who had signed up for NBC's Olympic Triplecast Pay-Per-
View. The report is proved false.

1992: Top Ten Surprises in the United Nations - 8. When reaching
sexual climax, 45% of women shout the word, "Ebert."

1993: David Letterman tapes his last "Late Night With David Letterman"
for NBC before moving to CBS two months later. Last guests: Tom “Stop
Bendin’ the Shafts!” Hanks and Bruce “Glory Days” Springsteen. The
last song performed by Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous
Band: "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" by The Animals.

The Final Show 1993: Top Ten Things I Have To Do Before I Leave NBC -
3. Get one more cheap laugh by saying the word "Buttafuoco."

1996: "Bill Clinton's" motorcade is seen picking up girls from

1996: Guest Bruce Willis shows a clip of his striptease act in front
of Dave and other guys.

1996: Dave ballroom dances with New Jersey Governor Christine Todd

1997: It's 91 degrees outside, so Biff watches ice melt on the

1997: Top Ten Space Alien Pick-Up Lines - 1. Hi, I'm Michael Jackson.