This Dave in History - June 24

1982: Guest Ted Nugent jams with Paul's band from homebase.

1985: In the show's cold open, Larry "Bud" accidently hits himself
with a hammer, screams out "Sussudio," and gives Phil Collins an idea
for a song title.

1987: Mr. Humidity, 1987, is chosen and is handed over the title by
Mr. and Ms. Humidity, 1985.

1992: Dave enjoys repeating the name of audience member Kelli Robin

1992: Top Ten Things Perot Found Out About the Bush Family - 1. Quayle
was Millie's suggestion.

1993: Dave tears off the clock attached to the studio monitor and
gives it to guest Garry Shandling.

1993: Top Ten Signs You're Going To Be a One-Term President - 2.
Dukakis keeps asking if you want to split the price of a Winnebago.

1994: Coast to Coast with Mujibur and Sirajul -- with Dave's mom in

1994: Sirajul and Mujibur visits the Atlas grocery store where Dave
worked during high school bagging groceries, and bag some groceries

1994: Dave gives Late Show caps to two women wearing NBC caps.

1994: Guest Howard Stern arrives wearing an O.J. Simpson T-shirt.

1994: Top Ten Summer Movies in Times Square - 2. "When a Man Loves
Another Man Dressed Up as a Woman."

1996: Dave gives a tour of NYC to a couple from Brazil.

1996: Mannie the Hippie reviews "Eraser." It's "Diggity Dank!"

1996: Top Ten Signs You Won't Be Qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Team
- 3. Being 35 and still living at home with your parents not yet an
Olympic sport.

1997: Dave gets word that Mike Douglas is not amused when Dave wonders
aloud if he's died.

1997: Paul Shaffer creates a theme song for a patron of Joe G's Pizza.

1997: Top Ten New Slogans for the Tobacco Industry - 4. You'll come
for the nicotine, you'll stay for the wet hacking cough.

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