Re: LSQG™ - Thursday, 6/21/MMXII #3693

On Jun 22, 10:25 pm, R H Draney <dadoc...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Donz5 filted:

On Jun 22, 2:58=A0pm, daveletterman...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
During the broaddway camera/water hose segment I could've sworn I saw tha=
t mr. tough guy/kid in the grey t-shirt again, and he was there on the wedn=
esday segment

During the summer Friday repeat weeks, both Wednesday's and Thursday's
broadcasts are being taped on Wednesdays, the first at 3:30 PM, the
second at 6 PM. So the guy simply stuck around for the second taping
hours later.

Am I right in thinking that Bruce and Linda have been sent packing to that great
home for running bits in the sky, to make room for the "nurse on rounds"?....r

Me?  Sarcastic?
Yeah, right.

Bruce and Linda promoed LS Weekend on Thursday's show.