This Dave in History - June 22

1982: Harrison Ford makes his first guest appearance on Dave,
describing his then-new film "Blade Runner": "It's no musical comedy,

1983: The legendary Roy Rogers guests on Late Night; later in the
show, Larry "Bud" Melman gives more acting tips.

1989: As Dave discusses the causes of Lyme Disease, a sandbag lands on
his desk. Dave finds a guilty Tick Boy backstage.

1990: Guest Walter Swan discusses his bookstore that sells only one
book, "Me and Henry."

1990: Top Ten Things That Keep Donald Trump Awake at Night - 10. Might
have to borrow money from Merv.

1993: Top Ten Signs You're President Clinton's Long-Lost Half-Brother
- 1. Haven't done anything since January.

1994: Dan Rather sings "Wreck of the Old 97."

1994: Dave attempts his loon whistle and can't get it to work.

1994: Top Ten Michael Fay's Vacation Tips - 2. Bring along a box of
ass-size Band-Aids.

1995: Dave asks a newspaper vendor to read from the day's "Lockhorns"
comic strip.

1995: Top Ten Ways to Speed Up the O.J. Trial - 5. Bring in Wapner--
that dude can handle two whole cases in half an hour!