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Yeah, "Hitler" is not exactly comedy gold. I loved what Paul said in his
attempt to save it. "This was in the market, sir" is a pretty obscure
so I felt all superior when I recognized it.

Now that you've had your little superior feeling, care to explain it for
rest of us?...r

The album was called "A Great Gift Idea" (1974) by The Credibility Gap
(Harry Shearer, Micheal McKean, David L. Lander, Richard Beebe). The
cut: "Where's Johnny?" (the greatest Tonight Show/Johnny Carson parody

Beebe, or perhaps McKean (as Ed McMahon), says to Shearer (as Johnny)
to support a joke during the monologue :"This was in the market, sir."

This is, hands down, the most obscure reference Paul Shaffer has ever

I'm partial to the at least seemingly spontaneous quip
from Paul, that broke up Dave on a 12 Aug 2009? Small
Town News segment, when Dave read: "this is from the
Biddeford Saco Old Orchard Beach Courier, Biddeford,
Maine, wow that's a - surprised the newspaper's big
enough to print all that" and Paul trotted out the old Bill
Dana punchline: "I'm telling you - not many survived the

That's pretty great, I missed the reference when it aired.
Coincidentally, on the very same "A Great Gift Idea" album I
mentioned, David L. Lander pays a brief homage to Bill Dana with a
hilariously bad impression of "Jose Jimenez - the astronaut."