Re: LSQG™ - Wednesday, 7/13/MMXI #3520

On Jul 17, 8:27 pm, DTSmith <smi...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jul 14, 1:10 am, Jess Band-EE-Coot <BandEEC...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

a teeth-pulling interview with a very stoned Ryan Goesling,

He's Canadian. We're all like that. Anyone who survives growing up in
Cornwall should be admired, not pitied.

DT...that's perfectly understandable, as believe it or not I get like
that sometimes.

You sure the guy wasn't drunk.

Like...Why do all the newscasters appear to be really, really drunk
during certain stories.

Here's an example.......BLAGOJEVICH!!!!!

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