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Late Show Quick Guide - Tuesday, 6/7/MMXI

~From New York~
"...the greatest city in the world..."
~Opening List~
Kathy Griffin
Kyle Chandler
Sheila E.
"And now...a man who doesn't know how to use a cell phone or
Twitter...Dave Letterman"
Get To Know Tim Pawlenty
What's In Anthony Weiner's Underpants Tonight?
CBS Breaking News Update
Desk Chat
Small Town News
TTL - Things Overheard During Muammar Qaddafi's Birthday
Kathy Griffin (Panel)
What Would Chris Rock Do?
Such A Nice Night, After The Show, I'm Going For A Swim In The Creek!
Meet Me There Punks
Kyle Chandler (Panel)
Sheila E. (Music)
"I'm dizzy"


Hey, that wasn't Tony M. holding the cue cards last night. Note to staff:
It's not who's holding the cards that needs changing, it's what's on the

I was underwhelmed by Sheila E., but I might have been distracted by her
spread legs in that short skirt and by wondering what could possibly be in
the large container to her right and why it needed to be on the drum riser..

No, that was not Tony. When someone is absent it would be nice if Dave explained why they weren't there.

Maybe Sheila E. wanted a snack nearby in case she got hungry?

"Did you ever once show me any kind of friendship?
Ask my help with a personal problem?
Include me in one of your little bull sessions?
Can you imagine what it feels like to walk by this tent
and hear you laughing and know... that I'm not welcome?
Did you ever once offer me a lousy cup of coffee?"
-- Major Margaret Houlihan "M*A*S*H" ("The Nurses")