Re: Pie Contest 2010 - Big Winning Winners

On Nov 25, 1:38 am, James Langdell <jameslangd...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry for the delay, but the Pie Committee has experienced some
technical difficulties. (But no wardrobe malfunctions, I swear to it!)

On the show tonight, Dorothy unveiled two pies: Cherry and Sugar
Nobody guessed anything close at all to Sugar Cream, but boy did
we have people guessing Cherry, That brings us straight to the tie-
Pie Utterance event. With a measured count of 10 utterances of the
"pie" during the broadcast, the prize goes to the lowest number
among the Cherry-choosing people, all of who guessed higher numbers
That would make Jason Brown, with a guess of a mere 17 utterances,
this year's
Big WInning Winner. He will receive all the benefits of a
choice of fabulous pie to be baked and shipped by Traci, and primary
bragging rights for the coming year. He may use the title "AFL Dave's
Mom's Thanksgiving Pie Thanksgiving-Pie-Guessing Grand Champion 2010"
whenever he chooses to use it.

More to come, as The Pie Committee can finally meet about the
Virtual portion of our competition.

--James, Helen, and Traci (The Pie Committee)

Congrats, Jason. I'm happy to pass my crown to you.

S.W. Ohio Bob
AFL Dave's Mom's Thanksgiving Pie Thanksgiving-Pie-Guessing Grand
Champion 2009