Re: Didn't anyone see that on Bill Murray's head!?

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It's Aronne, I believe, and I think he's there mainly for decorative

Ever since he let Dave come out with his eye looking like a
cauliflower because of shingles, and allowed him to "go on with the
show," I decided a potted plant could be the house doctor and do a
better job. The show doesn't have to go on when you're physically
disfigured as badly as Dave was.

I'm just sayin' I was shocked.

You misconstrue the doctor's job, Sally. Whatever his name, he has no
power to "let" or "allow" Dave to appear unless Dave is comatose and
cannot make his own decisions.

An in-house doctor is there as an employee: to fix whatever needs
fixing and to give medical advise -if it's asked for. But that's
normally about it.


advise - verb
advice - noun