Re: Biff's man boobs

On Jun 30, 11:13 pm, iamh2o...@xxxxxxxxx (Steve Curtis) wrote:
"Mai Weir" wrote:
Has Rupert ever been known to be
reluctant to share his salami with the

Yeah, and for good reason. Wouldn't you be reluctant to share your
salami with the public?

You see what I'm getting at right?  

You see what I'm getting at, right?

I hope this thread doth not carryeth through into my sleep, sleep that
doth knit the ravelled somethings of care. I envision the darkest of
nightmares ahead. Fears of giant salamis await me, and so, anon, I bid
you all, good night. To bed, to bed, to bed...

(apologiest to Lady Macbeth and Hamlet)


Sally (don't be like one such as me)