Re: How did Latterman's Arrogant Colts Super Bowl Prediction Pan out?

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This is an old Letterman chestnut: wild exaggerated fact, statistic,
or prediction for comedic effect. You could look it up.



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Not so good lol. What was it, like a 92-7 Colts win in a stroll?

Another chestnut: obvious exaggeration is often used for effect and/
but is used to indicate an underlying point; in this case that the
Colts were the obviously superior team and he had more than a little
contempt for the opponent. Whoops! Worst Super Bowl ever for arrogant

I don't know, everything I heard was that it was going to be a close
game so I wasn't expecting any kind of blow out. I think you read too
much into Letterman's after monologue comedy bits. These bits are
written comedy pieces. I think you took it way too seriously. Most of
us didn't really pay that much attention to it. You notice there
wasn't any kind of discussion about Dave's bit about his hopes for the
super bowl except by you.

Oh, you meant he was just trying to be funny and not disrespectful of
the Saints. I see now. That was more trademark Latterman comedy
brilliance at work. Of course! His Colts stunk the joint up last night
so there should be more comedy brilliance tonight about just how wrong
he was.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Disrespectful of the Saints? It's a football team!!!

Saints taught the Colts a good lesson (don't have your prematurely
canonized QB throw an interception to seal the game, for
instance......). Also horrible game management down the stretch by the
Colts. The Colts were thoroughly discombobulated by the end. The
onside kick shocker set them back on their heels, but actually the
tide was turned in the 2'nd quarter. The Colts started well but then
piffled out and the better team then proceeded to rise to the
occasion. Dave's "humor" regarding what a blowout it would be was,
yes, taking a sideways slam at the Saints, primarily because he was a
Colts fan and so now he can eat some good crow tonight.

Dave dumped on his team good tonight. That's "loyalty" for ya. He
wanted this win badly, hyped up the team and even believed it, got
shocked by the way things went, got angry, and a day later took some
layers of flesh off his beloved Colt's underperforming asses for good
measure. At least he admitted (the obvious, that) he knows nothing
about football when all's said and done. He also lost badly to the
gambling establishment. All in all an salutary result. A good time was
had by all.......

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