Re: OT: Question

On Feb 7, 10:41 pm, Robert Cohen <robtco...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Feb 7, 7:25 pm, Lucy <lpfe...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I do not have Super Bowl Fever, nor do I have Super Bowl Snacks from
the local deli.

I feel deprived.

I couldn't watch any more after that lucky NO interception

What was the point spread at the start of game?

The teams seemed so evenly matched, so I'll guess
IND -3

The successful on sides kick and the resultant pile-up were phenomenal

The commercials were fresh enough to tolerate, and the anti abortion
went so fast it was so barely noticeable before I realized
it, it was over

I'm guessing the Oprah, Dave and Jay commercial was of
3 impersonating actors, and I didn't get the DL joke anyway
about a bad game 10-6, (and an obvious"have another bag of chips w/
dip, Oprah, "
for some libelous reason wasn't used)

A bad game _party_, genius.