Re: NBC late night mess, SNL verson

Robert Cohen wrote:
On Jan 17, 1:03 pm, Banacek <tomk...@xxxxxx> wrote:
I'm somebody. Sadly not an American anybody. We don't count.

I have the same problem ..they won't let Canadians watch it. I just
saw it here:

But NBC will likely take it down...but someone else will put another
one up.

When SNL's actors can so mock their very employer, then a self-
nation ain't completely hopelessly doomed, though we're still close

I don't know why, but I just downloaded last night's SNL and watched
it, and I wish I hadn't. You know the show is in terrible shape when
the funniest bit is the musical segment. I thought early 90s was lame,
but wow, this is in a league of its own. Seth Myers doing weekend