Re: Bonnie Hunt's Misquoted Dave Comment

On Oct 21, 4:30 pm, Jess Band-ee-Coot <LateShoBandic...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Maybe wrote:
On Oct 21, 7:17 am, James Langdell <jameslangd...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This coming Friday Paul will be a guest on Bonnie's daytime show. Who
knows what might come up?

In all his book interviews I've seen, all he says is "it is a legal
proceeding and I have been instructed by the lawyers not to say
anything."  So I don't think anything regarding the matter will be
talked about.

Maybe...but maybe Bonnie can get him to talk!

That sounds like a handy excuse to get out of talking about it.
If that were truly the case, why was Dave allowed to talk about it
in detail on National Television? Halderman hasn't been convicted yet,
so surely Dave's speech would sway potential jury members...

"The good thing about a bee (I'm not talking about a Bumble Bee)
is that it stings once and then it dies.
I wish I could say the same for Steve Curtis.”

Good point. I can see the potential jury members swaying now. So Paul
will be on Bonnie's Show this Friday? I wonder if anything will come
up. How could they resist?