Re: Six (6) AFLer's mentioned in 9/24 edition of Wahoo

"Maybe" <Maybeso320@xxxxxxx> wrote
There is the two space thing, the hike correction and, I'm the cameo
mention! Whooo Hooo!

<I asked this the other day: One space or two spaces after the period
at the end of a sentence? My wife and I say "two spaces." My daughters
say "one space." What are they teaching kids these days?
It seems to be typewriter vs. computer.

*Helen P. Read writes: "I remember being taught to put two spaces
after the period at the end of a sentence when I was a kid, but I
haven't typed that way in decades. Once computers and the internet
took off and people stopped using typewriters, the two-space thing was
jettisoned. The rule now is one space. I don't think anyone teaches
the two-space rule any more." (more about Helen Read below)

*Alan Page: "It was brought out in afl ( newsgroup) a
while back that when typing on a piece of paper (old school) there are
2 spaces after a period. There is only one space when typing on a
computer (new school) and this is when the rule changed."

*Deb Watson of Des Moines directed me to There I
found that with the computer, you use only one space following
periods, commas, semicolons, colons, exclamation points, question
marks, and quotation marks. The computer provides the proper spacing
automatically. With the typewriter, you had to manually create the
correct spacing. states the reason two spaces were used after a period with
a typewriter was because they had mono-spaced fonts. Double spacing
was needed for the eye to pick up the beginning of a new sentence. Now
with computers, proportional space type is used, and is the new
typographical standard.

Here's something else that will bore you to tears . . .
Cameo Mention Of A Wahoo Reader error . . . . I was browsing through
the newsgroup the other day and came across an
interesting item from a familiar Letterman fan and Wahoo reader. She
had hiked a trail in trail in Vermont and provided photos. I made a
note to mention her and her pals for a future Cameo. I scribbled down
the names found in the photo and location. A couple weeks passed and I
needed someone to be named the day's Cameo Mention. I found my
scribbled note: "Pat/Marti/Ruth - hiking the Long Trail of Vermont"
I read the note but was confused. Who was the familiar Letterman fan?
It wasn't Marti. It wasn't Ruth. Was it Pat? But Pat who? In the back
of my mind I thought it was Wahoo Reader Helen Read who went on the
hike but her name wasn't on my notation. Was it Pat Fleet? I didn't
think so but it was the only familiar name I could come up with. I
Googled her name, Letterman, and Vermont. I got a few hits on that and
in my rush, and against my better judgment, jumped to the conclusion
that it was Pat Fleet who had gone on the hike. I needed to put that
day's Wahoo to bed so I ended my investigation and wiped my hands of
it. It wasn't long before I started getting e-mails. Oh, darn. I soon
realized it WAS Helen Read who was on the hike and it was her with her
3 friends, Pat, Marti, and Ruth. It was she who provided the photo and
the names. Somehow I left her name out. And now that I'm thinking
about, I can clearly see her on that mountain trail in the photo. I
knew something wasn't quite right when I made out the Cameo Mention
and now that I am aware of it, it seems so obvious.
My apologies to Helen Read, and, I guess, to Pat Fleet, although Pat,
from what I hear Pat, Marti and Ruth are very nice and you should get
to know them. They would make swell friends.
And that's the story behind my error in yesterday's Cameo Mention.

She could once type 90 words a minute on a manual typewriter without
any mistakes in her day, it's Maybeso
This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOO READER

Maybe...pretty cool!!
Way cool...
There are people out there who are going to be coming to our little
group just to get to meet these people who are making such an
impression on wahoo mike.

Congrats on the CAMEO MENTION... !!!! .