Mon. 7/20 Big Show Synopsis

Hey, how's it goin'? Here we go ...

Desk chat highlights included:

- Dave complimenting Paul & the band for their performance during the break. It was a song they played at Dave's wedding, which they followed (at Dave's wedding) with "Shout." It blew the roof off the dump. Paul: "Where was that wedding?" Dave: "Yeah, that was ... out Midwest somewhere."

- Dave discussing the pre-show Q-n-A. (A woman from the San Francisco Bay area asked Dave about him sneaking over and whispering to someone before walking out and doing the monologue. She wondered what he's whispering over there. Dave told her it's *none of her business*. Dave: "It's a little secret.")

- Dave mentioning the passing of Walter Cronkite. He spends a couple of moments talking about what Walter Cronkite meant to broadcasting and to the CBS Television Network. Dave talks about the time, about a year ago, when he & his family ran into Mr. Cronkite in an ice cream shop on Martha's Vineyard. They said hi to each other, and Dave introduced his son to Mr. Cronkite. Dave thought it would be nice to offer to pay for Mr. Cronkite's ice cream. He thought it would be cute and funny. Dave: "Not the first time I've been wrong, by the way." So, Dave told Mr. Cronkite that "it would mean a great deal to me if I could pay for your ice cream cone." To which Mr. Cronkite replied, "I'm perfectly capable of paying for my own ice cream cone." Funny.

- A Top Ten List -- 'Surprises on the NASA Moon Landing Tapes.' Before reading the Top Ten List, Dave explained that they had planned to do something called 'Men and Their Vegetables.' It's the middle of summer, so what better time to do it? However, before the show, Paul told Dave that he wasn't quite ready with the theme music. So, 'Men and Their Vegetables' will have to wait. I hope we see it tonight (Tuesday).

A little later, Alan Kalter reviewed some delicious charcoal.

'Vibrating Underpants' might be a cool name for a band. The film is "The Ugly Truth." It opens this Friday, July 24.

Wow. The stunned silence that greeted his joke about 'Geoffrey the flight attendant' was quite spectacular. And I can't say undeserved, really.

Their self-tiled album is now in stores.

What's happenin', people? Did you *have* a good weekend? Mine was pretty good.

Ya know, I certainly wouldn't want to go back to the days when television news consisted of only three broadcast network newscasts. But I think there's something to be said for the notion of a 'gatekeeper media.' Now, I don't mean I'm in favor of politically-driven self-censorship or suppression of information (or tilted coverage) based on corporate interests. On the contrary. It's just that for all its current faults & limitations and deluded market share, at least the broadcast networks' news divisions still, I think, attempt to adhere to at least a *modicum* of reality-based reportage.

That's all I got, for now. I need to go to bed.

Later ...