Re: Band on the Run

Donz wrote:

One thing I haven't detailed -- the sense of community among the
crowd. I met and chatted and laughed and shared both Dave and Beatles
trivia with a _lot_ of fellow travelers -- a 53-year-old woman who
teaches 4th grade in Ohio, a British woman who runs a pub in England,
a man from Alabama, two couples in front of me who had gone to a lot
of Paul concerts and swore that this was the first time he had ever
performed "Helter Skelter" live, a beautiful woman from Guinea and her
young son, neither or whom had ever heard of the Beatles nor Paul
McCartney but wanted to see what all the excitement was about, four
young college kids and one of their younger sisters, who looked as
though she were around 14 -- all huge Beatles fans.

I kept on pointing out LS staffers doing whatever they were doing,
either impressing or getting on these new friends' nerves. It was
tough to tell. But we'd mostly talk about how amazing it was that this
residue of 45 years fandom remained as potent today as it was then, at
least among this crowd. (Traci would have been heaving by now...)

There was a older (ha! probably my age) but lovable gruff retired NYC
firefighter who managed to get in the front of the audience line to
hold up a firefighter's coat, hoping to present it to Paul via a
written message his wife held up. At first he seemed a little out of
place, but there he was, rocking out to "Get Back."

Then more new folks with which to bond while waiting for Paul to leave
-- one looked a lot like bostonbill, so I feel he was there, at least
in spirit.

It was the perfect storm -- two -- two -- two obsessions in one, all
neatly wrapped up in one absolutely, stunningly, beautiful day.

Nice report/summation. Thanks.

I should get out more often.

If & when I move to the City, we'll, uh, hang out.