Re: Guests: July 7-21, 2009

On Jul 6, 10:28�pm, R H Draney <dadoc...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Alan Page filted:

We 7/8: Queen Latifah, Emma Watson
Th 7/9: Daniel Radcliffe, Veronika Part, Levon Helm

Did anyone hear that Rupert Grint, the third member of the Harry Potter
triumvirate, is coming off a case of the swine flu?...r

So you don't read my posts? Ten minutes before you posted, I posted:

<I don't quite understand why they let these two in the country. One
of their castmates (Rupert Grint) got the swine flu while filming the
movie and has just this week been declared well enough and cleared to
come to the US to help promote the film. So they were exposed.
That's how all this disease and pestilence spreads>

Then of course, Jesse mocked me about being afraid of germs.

Maybe...people have died from the swine flu