Re: Best Page Farms, LLC Unaffected By Tomato Blight

On Jul 4, 1:39�pm, R H Draney <dadoc...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sharon L Page filted:

Again, there is nothing like these tomatoes and okra. �

But tomatoes and snot comes darn close....r

A pessimist sees the glass as half empty.
An optometrist asks whether you see the glass
more full like this?...or like this?

Fresh, home-grown tomatoes are ambrosial, r. The sweetness is almost
unbearably delicious. Of course, I developed an allergy to them
somewhere along the line, unfortunately, but when I was younger, I ate
them and recognized how food could indeed be bursting with flavor.

And where would pizza, a staple of life, be without tomatoes?