Letterman Attends Atlas Reunion

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Letterman attends Atlas reunion


Indy's favorite former bag boy dropped by the Atlas Supermarket
reunion Saturday night.

David Letterman came by early, organizer and former deli manager Pam
Brown said. "He walked in, paid his $10 and stayed a couple of hours
catching up," she said.

Eleanor Maurer, who owned the store with her late husband, Sid, was
there with her daughter-in-law Jan. Letterman's mother, Dorothy
Mengering, was among the 125 people at the Northside Knights of
Columbus hall for the event.

Even Letterman's local lawyer, Ron Elberger, and his wife, Rena, were
among the former employees and customers who gathered to remember the
iconic Northside supermarket and its legendary operator, Sid. Atlas
closed seven years ago this month, about 18 months after Sid died.

"It was just so great to see Eleanor and David and everyone," said
Jeff Eshowsky, who now owns American Construction Co. here. Eshowsky
told a story typical of the night.

He grew up about six blocks east of Atlas on 54th Street, while
Letterman lived around the corner on Indianola Avenue. When they were
15, they walked over to Atlas and asked Sid for a job.

"He said his boys wore white shirts and ties," Eshowsky recalled.

They wore neither. A quick change later, Eshowsky and Letterman
presented themselves to Sid again. Sid interviewed them, but he made
them wait until the next day to tell them they had jobs.

"Sid was like a second father to all of us," Eshowsky said. "Atlas did
a lot of things for a lot of people. David's presence (at the reunion)
showed the respect we all feel for Sid and Eleanor."

A fitting tribute.