Re: Happy Birthday Donz!

Happy D...
Happy Duck...
Happy Dar...
Happy Dragon!
That's the place. Over on 4th St.
Great hot & sour soup...wrote:

Birth was at 6:21 am (I logged it at the time), so not to worry.

Ooooooo...eerie. One of my songs is exactly 6:21 in length.
The next disc will have 12 tunes...5 new ones and 7 remasters.
I'm doing the editing myself. My friend at The Sound Studio is
going to get me the dealer rate on some great new audio software.
It's more than I need for this project, but it will be worth having
down the road. The user guide is massive and pretty complex. I'm
going to take the 7-week certification class over at BGSU so I
know how to use it properly.

As for the accompanying DVD, I've decided to delay the whole
project until I can turn it out on Blu-ray. My DVD duplication
tower went kaput a month ago, and I can't justify spending the
money to fix it when the aforementioned friend can get me a huge
discount on a new Microbo BDPRO10 Blue-ray Tower. Sweet.

And more good first wife now runs the graphic arts
program over at the Learning Annex. She's agreed to design the
cover charge! I just need to find someone who can
do the cover and booklet printing for less than $.80 per unit...

Anyway, the whole project will be ready in time for your 50th.