Re: Mon. 1/26 Big Show Synopsis

Boston Bill wrote:

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No matter what time I go to bed, which is usually between 11:30 and
1:00, I wake up for no reason at either 2 or 3, have a hot flash, and
go back to sleep until my alarm @ 6:30. (Still enjoying my
Butler....the other morning he was drunk.) If I don't set the alarm,
I can't really go past 8:30.- Hide quoted text -

I have horrible sleep patterns. Im usually in bed by 10 and Im up by
6am even
on days off. My issue is waking up two or three times during the

Here's one thing with me: I can't nap.

I *can*, but it's just not worth it, because I end up sleeping longer than I intended.

I can't take so-called 'power naps.'

I wish I could.