Re: Mon. 1/12 Big Show Synopsis

Jess Ban Dee Coot wrote:

Maybe wrote:
On Jan 14, 3:14�pm, "dsik...@xxxxxxxxx" <dsik...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You do (and I have the greatest respect for you -- honestly), but you
can't always control where a thread ends up and to try to police it
(not just you, but anyone) is sometimes fruitless.

You're right. I think after the first 40 messages, the thread does
tend to go south and if you want to go with it, go with it. If not,
ignore it. doesn't seem that hard to figure out.

It would be easier to 'figure out' if people would label the thread
once an on-topic thread digresses into off-topic discussion.
Seems like the proper usenet procedure, doesn't it?


Discussions emanating from (initially) talking about the Show are a rich tapestry.