Re: The Mike Singletary bit

Marcia R. says...
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It's not getting any funnier.
I immediately switch to Leno when it comes on.
In 5 or 10 minutes, I may switch back, unless
I forget.
i have to admit, i like this bit! its just unfunny and senseless
enough to remind me a little of the old days....

Exactly! This is the kind of material that made you love Dave 20 years
ago... What do you want, Jaywalking?

Does anyone know where it originally came from? It reminds me of Dave
talking in Rupert's ear and having him repeat stuff. I'm assuming this
has nothing to do with Dave, and he's just playing with it.


I'm assuming it's a play off of Singletary's very odd post game press
appearances and his dropping his pants in front of his players during
halftime following a thumping the Niners were taking from the Seahawks.

"Not only do I want an *elite* president. I want someone who is
embarrassingly superior to me. Somebody who speaks 16 languages and
sleeps two hours a night hanging upside down in a chamber they
themselves designed."
--Jon Stewart, TDS