Re: TR 11/20 Big Show Synopsis

Marilyn says...
Foxy wrote:
Will somebody please come up with the #1 Tattoo for Marilyn's boy's
Top Ten so we can learn what the real tattoo says?

Top Ten Tattoo Designs for Marilyn's Son

10. Welcome to Jamaica have a nice day (Traci)
9. O Canada (Donz)
8. The Anarchy symbol (Alan)
7. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (Foxy)
6. Git-R-Done (Brady)
5. Palin 2012 (Tom W)
4. Cathy ("Sally")
3. Richard (W Lee)
2. Dowd for President [tattoo artist misheard] (Bill K)
1. His Social Security Number in bar code. (Alan)

Clue #1 It blew away in a hurricane.

A trailer park?


"Not only do I want an *elite* president. I want someone who is
embarrassingly superior to me. Somebody who speaks 16 languages and
sleeps two hours a night hanging upside down in a chamber they
themselves designed."
--Jon Stewart, TDS