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Late Show Quick Guide - Wednesday, 11/12/MMVIII

Cold Open
~From New York~
"...the greatest city in the world..."
~Opening List~
Stupid Human Tricks
Russell Brand
Charlie Haden Family & Friends
"And now...tough, but professional, welder...David Letterman"
Great Moments In Presidential Speeches
Desk Chat
President Bush: The Final 100 Days
Don Rickles Joke That Makes No Sense
Stupid Human Tricks (Demonstrations)
Russell Brand (Panel)
Russell Brand (Panel)
Charlie Haden Family & Friends (Music)
"I'm so fat"



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What a Wonderful Web We Weave

With or without the hair, he's a strange guy. Good actor, from what I
saw, but eccentric. I'm referring to Russell Brand.

I'd be afraid to meet him at a party.