Re: CBS News mad at Letterman, McCain says "it wasn't a night for comedy"

"Maybe" <Maybeso320@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
First "Bill Kawalec" <billkawa...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I happened to catch his whining about McCain during a Kimmell commercial.

And then I said:
So you didn't even see the whole show, the whole rant. ?Kimmel doesn't
even start until 12:05 on a good night and then there is his opening
monologue and then a commercial. ?By that time it is like 12:15 or
so. ?By 12:15, the Olberman segment with McCain talking to Katie
Couric was over. ?And Dave started talking about it in his opening
monologue and continued with the first guest. ?So how can you comment
on something you didn't even see?

And then Bill said
how can you ASSume what I did or didn't see?

I can assume you didn't see *ALL* or even *most* of Dave's rant if
you tuned into Dave during a Kimmel commercial. I tuned into Kimmel
tonight at 12:15 and he was still doing his montologue and most of
Dave's rant was over by 12:15 on the night in question.

So I can safely come to the conclusion that you didn't see the whole
thing if you didn't turn it until the first Kimmel commercial.

Never said I saw the whole thing. I saw enough.