Re: Fri. 9/5 'Will it Float?' Game-Thing

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Maybe wrote:
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Brady <watercl...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No, it's a Kellogg product.

I agree. �Your usual snack of Pop Tarts and Mountain Dew

Maybe...strawberry Pop Tart?

Yes, a strawberry Pop-Tart and Diet Mountain Dew.

I guess I could send you some meat as well.

How about a strawberry Pop Tart instead!? The only place I can get
them are in the vending machine at Highland Hospital when I visit my
cardiologist. My local Safeway doesn't even have the Strawberry and
God forbid, you know Whole Foods doesn't have any Pop Tart products!

When I go to the cardiologist, I can't eat before because I need to
get blood work done but after I get the blood work and am waiting to
see the doctor, I eat a strawberry Pop Tart and of course, everyone
looks at me like I am nuts! least I finish it before I go in to see the cardiologist!