Re: Second Weekend in March Time Wasting Thread

Brady wrote:
What's happenin', people? It was snowing a little bit here last night. It's already melted.

We got some snow last night, but now it's the mixed precipitation, snow / sleet / freezing rain. I'd rather have all snow. Ice is just a pain.

So, what are *you* all doing this weekend?

I'll be doing as little as possible over the weekend. As of today, I am officially on spring break. I have grading (etc.) to do over the break, and will do my taxes (it's an annual Spring Break tradition), and a colleague and I will do some work on the classroom computers that we maintain. Other than that, I'll be catching up on sleep, watching programs off the DVR, and goofing off generally. Hopefully I can finally lick this lingering cold that I have had all week.