Re: OT: So who went shopping today?

"dsikula@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

On Nov 23, 9:10 am, bostonbill41 <bostonbil...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Horror stroies about fist fights in the mall parking lots.

My niece had to be at her job at one of the outlet stores by 3am and
work a 12 hour shift.

Hope she's getting overtime.

Wild horses couldn't drag me into a store today. I have no intentions
of doing any shopping other than for groceries over the next week.

Plans for today? I returned a bicycle and a cash register I borrowed
for my last show, and will go to the movies tonight ("Michael
Clayton") and dinner afterwards (possibly buffalo burgers).

--Dake Sikula

In a little while, I'm going to the Barnes & Noble in the shopping
area nearby. It's it own store not in a mall. Then going out to dinner.

Can anyone suggest a good book to give to someone who likes
history/current events. I'm thinking of the Stephen Colbert book,
a book about the US in Iraq called Imperial Life in the Emerald
City (it's supposed to be good, anyone here read it?), new Dilbert
cartoon books and various Carl Hiaasen books.


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