Re: Dave, the family man

On Oct 23, 6:19 pm, black butterfly <hummingbird30...@xxxxxxxxx>
Since this is a dark week, I just want to ask a question. Some might
not like the question but I'm going to ask it anyway. When Dave talk
about harry's mother why does he never say my girlfriend or Regina. He
always seem to avoid having any kind of connection with her. Saying,
this is harry's mother and that's it. For example, When he was talking
to Hallie Berry about how he talked to the mother's belly when Regina
was pregnant. He stated: When I was pregnant. He was trying to avoid
saying her name.or saying my girllfriend.

I don't believe the part anymore about keeping her privvacy, since
everybody knows her name, and that she use to work on the show. To me,
their relationship is just as strange as any hollywood relationship
you read about or hear about.

My impression is that *she* does not want Dave to mention her.