Re: Latest Letterman sked: Halle Berry, Jake Gyllenhaal, Richard Simmons, Casey Affleck, Rebecca Romijn, J.J. Walker, Steve Carell, Amanda Peet (attn: David Yoder), LeAnn Rimes

Luke Smith filted:

Uggggghhhh...Can't believe I missed Carell on Letterman! I wonder if
he's doing the rounds on other shows this week to promote "Dan In Real
Life". That movie looks great, and its received all kinds of praise
already. Carell is fixin' to be a break out star, mark my words, the
guy can act and not just comedy. Dan In Real Life looks like it has
some bittersweet moments. Can't wait.

He's still got a lot of ground to make up for after playing "Uncle Arthur" in
that "Bewitched" train wreck....r

"He come in the night when one sleep on a bed.
With a hand he have the basket and foods."
- David Sedaris explains the Easter rabbit