Re: Live dedication stream?

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Maybe says...> On Sep 7, 12:56?pm, floretbroccoli <fbraf...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I tuned in late. Any mention of the Shaffer (sp?) tower being next to
the Letterman building?

Yep, the reporter guy in the beginning mentioned it.

Maybe...but only in passing describing where it was on campus

Whoops! I just lied about that in another post. I missed out on the

Oh, the reporter guy kept us busy in the beginning while we were
waiting for the ceremony to begin. He started at the top of the hour
(4 pm) and described the building, interviewed people in the crowd and
just generally wasted time until they finally came out to start the

He said that he went to school with Dave and gave some Dave memories.
He was the same guy at the end who closed the show while everyone was
leaving the stage. Did you recognize him as a reporter guy from one
of the TV stations?

Maybe...thinking the reporter guy looked a lot older than Dave and was
surprised when he said he went to Ball State with him.