Re: TR 8/2 Big Show Synopsis

On Aug 3, 5:38 am, Brady <watercl...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey, how's it goin'? At least it's Friday. Here we go ...

I just said 'grrr.' So, what *was* last night's cold open?

Dave and Jude are standing next to each other backstage. Dave says,
"how do I look?" Jude replies, (something like) "First let's talk
about how you smell." Dave says (something like) "Well, you know...a
lot of people stink."
(And did everyone at that moment add - like I did - "like sheets!")

Highlight # 1: Piping in Jamba Juice directly to Dave's desk from all
the way across the street.

"Definitely!!" (Did this girl call Dave "Dude"? or was I hearing

Highlight # 3: Dave's surprise critique-evaluation by Ted from Human

Loved it. That guy is great.

He was a pretty good guest. The 'busted finger under the blanket' story
was pretty funny. I'm not saying it was a *substantive* interview, mind
you -- just that he was pretty funny; pretty good & funny. I'm just
gonna keep saying 'pretty.'

Every story he tells is really funny - it's a combination of his
enthusiasm and crazy accent.

Well, I don't think she struck out. Still, I was a bit underwhelmed by
this appearance. Her new show is "Chelsea Lately" on E! Entertainment

Every story she told was NOT funny. She needs more enthusiasm and a
crazy accent.

This was an OK performance. I think. Actually, I'll need to go to the
tape before commenting further or before speculating on 'WDHD?' The
album is "Call Me Irresponsible."

I wonder if cocktails were served during his performance. My friend
Randi adores him, but as long as Tony Bennett is around, who needs

So what's happenin', people? Do you *have* exciting and/or unusual plans
for the weekend? I'll probably attend a local street fair on Saturday. I
guess it's considered a 'street fair.' Whatever they call it, it's an
event the local town puts on about once a month or so, maybe every other
weekend, during which they close off streets and have music & booths &
vendors and so forth and so on. Hopefully someone will be selling funnel

My son David is taking the written test for his driving permit Sat.
morning. Everyone telepathically wish him good luck!