Re: Last Night's Audience

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You didn't even have to squint. When Dave went out into the audience
for Stump the Band, Marilyn and Nick were on camera almost constantly,
and so was Traci. You must have gone to bed during the opening Late
Show theme. (Uh, loved your letter).

Wait-- Dave?! I thought you guys went to see Regis.

Did somebody with uploading chops record this? (Can't believe I failed
to do so.) DY, do you have it? I remember Marily, Nick, and Traci from
high school. Would love to see them again.


If you have a broadband connection you can download an HD,
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Just use the Search function (search "Letterman") at torrent indexing sites
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Some of these sites require registration to download the torrents, which may
or may not be open when you check. is your best bet as they
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registrations a few days each month. Also check Mininova as they don't
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If you are new to the wonderful world of BitTorrenting you will need the
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Here is a brief step-by-step:

1. Download and install uTorrent.

2. Download the torrent from one of the sites listed above and save it to a
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3. Go to that new folder and double click on the torrent icon you just put

4. UTorrent will launch. Tell it where to save the show. The new folder you
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5. Wait. You can see the progress of your download in the uTorrent window.
How long it will take depends on too many factors to list here.

An excellent guide for BitTorrent beginners is at:

Here is a list of the top ten most popular torrent sites:

The BitTorrent newsgroup is alt.bittorrent.

There are some websites that charge a fee to download the torrents. But
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