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Brady filted:

I think Teri Hatcher is (once again) my current favorite Desperate

Don't watch the show, but I'll run through the list:

I don't watch either, but I will add my comments as well:

Nicolette Sheridan - I keep getting her mixed up with Nicolette Larson...this is
not a good thing.

Is she on or off with that singer (who use to have long hair and
doesn't anymore, he's a ballad crooner)?

Michael Bolton. I think they're engaged, but maybe not.


Brenda Strong - I remember her singing "Bali Hai" on "Third Rock"...not bad.

Can't even remember seeing, hearing or reading that name ever.

Marcia Cross - makes me nervous because I think of her as Kimberly from "Melrose
Place"...I keep seeing the scene where she pulls the wig off and has that big
scar on her scalp.

Way creepy and not just because of the scalp scar.

Felicity Huffman - played a transsexual, and played it convincingly.

Can't picture Felicity Huffman as a man.

Teri Hatcher - going all the way back to her "Lois and Clark" days, I've always
felt there was something screwy about her eyes.

She was a lame Bond girl.

Eva Longoria - seen her on talk shows...don't know anything else about her.

Eva is the favourite, 'ause she is smokin'hot.

Alfre Woodard - I know she was up for an Oscar for "Cross Creek" but lost to
Sally Field...I like her, I really like her.

Once again, can't even remember seeing, hearing or reading that name