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Hey, how's it goin'? This is a live-blogged version of the 'Big Show Synopsis.'

Am I the only person who feels that we are, truly, now living in some sort of Bizarro World? Earlier today, I was driving down the highway in my minivan that's not really a minivan. While listening to the cesspool that is AM news-talk radio, I happened to catch the top-of-the-hour news brief from ABC Radio News. Their top story: the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. The second story: radio host Don Imus' idiocy. On CNN tonight, Anderson Cooper hosted legal expert Jeffrey Toobin to discuss the 'legal ramifications' of the ongoing Anna Nicole saga.

I'm not sure how many people died in Iraq today, but I *do* know that Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole's baby. Several words come to mind, including: sad & pathetic.

and? is today really any different from any other day? Unless there's a really "big" story, the media is all about entertainment. And, how 'bout all those people who hold Imus and Stern up as some great icons of Free Speech, but will now get on the bandwagon calling for his head? I'm not a fan of either of those jerks, so I find it all really amusing. And hey, CNN admitted that they knew all about Saddam's atrocities, but were afraid to report anything, yet people still believe they're going to get The Truth from CNN. We live in interesting times.

Of course, then-CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan claimed that they withheld information to protect people from retribution. He also denied that the withholding of information was part of their effort to keep the CNN Baghdad bureau open.

I'm not defending CNN or necessarily buying Jordan's argument. I'm just saying: that's how he defended himself after he wrote his infamous 'New York Times' op-ed.