Re: trying to help someone with the Dec. 11 "Small Town News"

"DDY" <DDY_member@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Someone e-mailed me this evening in hopes of getting footage about
the girl with a lizard stuck to her face. It was aired on #2669 12-11-06
in "Small Town News."

She's in a hurry to get it, so I'm posting what she wrote, in the interest
of time. I don't have permission to post her e-mail address at this time.
Anyone who is able to help could e-mail me via my Letterman page.

She wrote:

"I need some help - desperately - and quickly!

Do you know a site I can ask people if they saw/taped a specific
Letterman clip or episode?

I am looking for a small clip that was aired (I believe, for the 2nd time)
last week.... maybe Wednesday? It was in his section that he takes
from small town newspapers, and it was about a girl who had to call 911
in Ames, Iowa because she had a lizard (a monitor lizard, I think) stuck
on her face/lip.....

We are having a party to recognize our local Emergency Service workers
here... in Ames.... and I'd very much like to include that clip from

Can you help? Or steer me in a direction where someone might be able to

I looked on YouTube, but couldn't find it....


Leslie Miller, RN, MSN, CEN
Clinical Supervisor

David D

DDY's Late Show with David Letterman Fan Page

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