Re: New TMS ETA?

Now, now, now there ladies, why are two of my favorites AFLers beating
up poor Alan? He really is a nice guy. He enjoys everybody in this
group, he's funny, he's smart. He even married an AFler.
Let's take a closer look at Sharon. She thought the same of Alan
as the ladies here do now. She tried to avoid him, warned him to stay
at least 100 feet from her if he stalked her, and hired a tornado
to................well, let's say, scare him.
But in the end, she feel in love with him, made him agree to bring
the dog along, and tried to outrun from the tornado for canceling the
contract, let alone with not paying up.

I say we try and put this all behind us. In fact, let's lock this
fight up into a trunk of a car and..............wait a minute........
Traci wrote:
Pat Fleet says...
Alan Page wrote for about the 50th time:
It'll be a very big day for Tony. Mark my word.

Why don't you just go ahead and share with us what you know, instead of
gloating about some secret?
(Sorry. That outburst isn't like me, but it had to be said.)

Thank you, Pat. Perhaps Alan will listen to you, but I doubt it.

I do love the "thumbs up" picture of Tony on the new Web site (DaveTV
photo #5), with Tony wearing the gold sequined jacket and a big smile!

The sequin jacket is perfect. I think I have a vandelized head shot
somewhere around here of him in that very same jacket.