Re: CBS released part of the Donald/Dave transcript

Maybe wrote:

Here is the Dave quote:
In an interview with Trump to air Friday night, CBS "Late Show" host
David Letterman says of O'Donnell, "I like her. I think she's funny and
smart. ... I think she's playing around here because I think she's too
smart, too smart to actually believe the things she's saying about
various people. So I think she knows what she's up to."

"Well, that's possible. That is possible," Trump replies.

Hopefully, Dave didn't just let him blather like the other shows have.
Trump should also be suing Wikipedia, which is where Rosie got the info
(not a good idea) in the first place. Then he can sue Dave for "Trump or
Monkey." Although, I don't think that would have gotten him as much
publicity for his new Apprentice, which I hope tanks, big time.